You can cite this toolbox with the bib-entry

author={Ahn, SeHyoun},
title={Adaptive Finite Volume Toolbox (Version 0.1) [Computer Software]},

after updating to the correct version number, e.g., [Ahn, 2017-2019]. [1]

[Ahn, 2017-2019]SeHyoun Ahn. Adaptive finite volume toolbox (version 0.1) [computer software]. 2017-2019. URL:
[Ahn, 2019]SeHyoun Ahn. Adaptive finite volume methods for economic modelling. Norges Bank Working Paper, 2019.
[Axelsson & Gustafsson, 1979]Owe Axelsson and Ivar Gustafsson. A modified upwind scheme for convective transport equations and the use of a conjugate gradient method for the solution of non-symmetric systems of equations. IMA Journal of Applied Mathematics, 23(3):321–337, 1979.


[1]One can also use software entry, but not all bibtex recognize software entries. Just make sure to include the version number for the replicability.